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by Oleg Ishenko

Magento Product Types: Developer’s Guide

Meet my new book:

Magento Product Types: Developer’s Guide

What’s inside:

A detailed description of Magento product types that will help you understand the inner workings of products in Magento.

Each chapter is complemented by a step-by-step tutorial teaching you how to extend the standard product type functionality.

The last tutorial will explain you how to create a custom product type.

This is a Kindle e-book. If you don’t have a Kindle or a device with a Kindle App (tablet or a smart phone), you can read this book in Amazon’s Cloud Reader in your browser.

UPDATE: PDF and EPUB versions are now available on Leanpub:  Magento Product Types: Developer’s Guide

Get your copy here:

I hope, you’ll find this book helpful.

12 thoughts on “Magento Product Types: Developer’s Guide

    • Hi Damu,

      This is temporary. As a self-publisher, I first tried Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing, and the book is now enrolled in the KDP Select program. Unfortunately, this means that it stays Kindle-exclusive for 90 days that is till July 11th. Once this is over, I will publish it on other platforms as epub and pdf.

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    • Thank you for your interest! I am currently checking with several publishing services and will decide on one in a few days. The goal is to provide, if possible, both an EPUB and a PDF version.

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